What parents are saying about Early Birds...


"I loved that the classes taught us new ways to educate our children and to get them ready for school. Who knew that a simple water bottle with a sprayer was good exercise for the toddler's hand muscles to help them with their writing? I learned that from this program! So now my son and I like to water the trees and the plants in my yard."

— Mother of 3-year-old, Oklahoma City

"This program has helped me and my husband because it has educated us on activities to do with our son. For example, singing nursery rhymes with musical eggs has helped my son to memorize the songs himself, which is increasing his vocabulary and his speech development. Plus, he likes doing dance movements now too when we sing the songs."

— Mother of 3-year-old, Midwest City

"My son loves doing the educational activities like stacking the blocks or matching them by colors or by letting them roll fast and slow."

— Father of 2-year-old, Oklahoma City

"I love that the program is spaced out over the year so that we don't get too much information at once and end up forgetting most of it. I also love that we get to keep adding material to our notebook when we return for visits. I always look forward to the next class as a family affair because my husband and I get time to learn while my son gets a playdate with the other kids in childcare. Then we get to leave together and start playing some of the activities as soon as we get home because my son just cannot wait until the next day!! This is truly a wonderful program and I am excited to be a part of it!"

— Mother of 3-year-old, Oklahoma City