What is early birds?

Early Birds is a Smart Start Central Oklahoma program designed just for parents.This unique family-based, school readiness program arms you with information, activities and materials to use with your young child, supporting you as you give your child the smart start he needs and deserves.


Early Birds will support you as you become your child's first and most influential teacher!

Why a school readiness program? 


The first five years are critical in preparing a child for school success, and we know that school readiness begins long before a child enters a classroom. Sadly, many Oklahoma County children enter school without the necessary skills needed to be successful. There is good news, though! Through purposeful play and making the most of everyday moments, a parent can promote school readiness skills in his or her child from the time the child is born!

What to expect from an Early Birds Class: 

  • 90 minutes of instruction led by a trained professional covering topics like child development, everyday learning opportunities, activities that promote school readiness, purposeful parenting techniques, and health and safety.
  • Discussion with other parents about the successes and challenges of being their child's first teacher
  • Free toys and materials that foster school readiness at home
  • Free notebook with more helpful resources, tips, and support to help your child learn and grow
  • Free On-site child care so you can fully participate in the classes

Best of all, when you complete each Early Birds class, you will know how to play so your child will learn and develop skills that will give him future success in school and life!

District Seasonal
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District Contact Information

Oklahoma City Public Schools
Julie Hibbs

Putnam City Public Schools
Kelly Suchy
405-491-7626 ext. 1302

Karel Nichols
405-737-4461 x1271

Western Heights
Mary Ellis
405-286-2734 x301